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          Share your thoughts on Chinese govt work

          The Chinese government website, in cooperation with 20 online platforms, launched the initiative “Share your thoughts with China’s Premier Li” on Dec 20, to collect public input on government work.

          The event is aimed at soliciting suggestions from netizens on government work, which will last until the end of the 2019 two sessions.

          The initiative this year covers 12 topics, such as government services, investing and doing business in China, and studying in China. Internet users can leave a message on the website, english.gov.cn, or on the app and other platforms. The best messages will be chosen and submitted to the draft team of the Government Work Report.

          This is the fifth consecutive year of the event. In the 2018 Government Work Report, more than 50 aspects reflected netizens’ suggestions. One participant, Li Pengxuan, a courier from North China’s Shanxi province, was invited as a representative to a symposium chaired by Premier Li Keqiang.

          To leave a message, just scan the QR code.


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